The Veil of Ghosts

Primeval jungle

—filled with the souls of soldiers of an ancient empire that once tried unsuccessfully to invade and conquer the jungle

—the evil that keeps the soldiers animated also cuts this area off from the Treemoot; druids’ magic functions at -1 die within the jungle

The House of Blades—temple fortress of the warlord King Tiger and his war cult, the Five Deaths Clan

—The Devil’s Tower: mountain prison of the archon Luriel, held by the cult of Bobugbubilz

—The Temples of Gold: a powerful, magical city hidden within the jungle; ruled by a council of mages

—The Crocodile City: city dedicated to the worship of the Crocodile God

Wandering Encounters
—slavers from the Five Deaths Clan
—megafauna & megaflora of all types
—tribal folk from the fabled Golden City
—Cave men hunting parties
—Revenant Legions
—Great Apes: four armed ape men
—giant snakes

The Veil of Ghosts

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