The Free Lands—area made up of independent towns of “freefolk”; many towns ruled by warlords or bandits
Geographic boundaries: Wyrm Wall to the west, Sea of Ice to the north, the Great Chasm to the south, the Elder Wood to the east.

The Great Road—ancient road from a fallen empire, fading charms still provide some protection to travelers; runs the length of the Free Lands from the Wyrm Wall to the Elder Wood.


The Red Keep—lands controlled by the warlord Xoon

The Blue Abbey A monastery to the northeast of the Red Keep. Occupied by a small number of monks dedicated to worshiping the Gods of Light.


The Verdant Shrine Brother John’s temple to the Tree Moot

Silvertop A mining town NW of the Red Keep, they sell their silver to dwarves in the Wyrm Wall. (loyal to the Red Keep)

Hirot A walled settlement on the Hunters Walk in the northwest of the Free Lands. Ruled by a jarl. (loyal to the Red Keep)

Hilltop A hard scrabble settlement overlooking the Great Chasm. Southern termination point of Hunters Walk. Few of the villagers remain, having been devastated by the People of the Pit. (loyal to the Red Keep)

Upper Hook A tiny village north of the Old Road. Liberated from the torments of the Bull God by Destruction and Co.; represents the eastern limit of the Red Keep’s territory
-conquered by Gurg the Bandit but liberated again by Xoon
-has a charmed raven to communicate with Brother John

The North Lands— Lands to the north of the Red Keep, north of Hirot, separated by the Mistwater River; populated by matriarchal barbarian tribes in constant war with the troll caravans
—currently united by the Queen of the North, Adralla
—allied with Xoon


The Shudder Mountains—eastern central area in the Free Lands
Husk Small shudderfolk trading post on the Great Road.


The Fetid Plain—vast swamp separating the region of the Free Towns from the Elder Wood

The Golden Steppes
King’s Foot: small village at the base of the Stone King Mountains
—The Broken Boot Inn: ancient inn still in operation, run by the kindly innkeeper Sheyleyn.

The Thunderhooves: great herd of mighty horses, larger, more powerful and more intelligent than their mundane cousins. Ruled by the stallion Skybreaker; live in the plains at the foot of the Stone King Mountains

The Stone King Mountains: SE boundary of the Free Lands, named after the great dwarven kingdom that once ruled from deep within

Territories/Areas outside of the Free Lands

The Broken Lands

The Wyrm Wall-mountain range that separates the Broken Lands from the Free Lands

The Elder Wood
-Red Cap

The Veil of Ghosts-primeval jungle to the south of the Fetid Plain; SE corner of the Free Lands

The South area held by the Lich Emperor, Zaroth the Undying
—covered in a magical darkness called the Gloom


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