Adventure Hooks

COMPLETED: A delegation comes from Silvertown, a mining village in the mountains to the southwest. They are under attack by giants, and ask for Red Keep’s protection (joining the kingdom); town is known for their silver mines—>the band finds a fort filled with hill giants!

missing Red Keep citizens and the sign of the Crimson Eye

COMPLETED: A cleric of the Lords of Light comes to the Keep and demands the Demon’s Head so that he can destroy it
—>being refused, Brother Caleb returns in several weeks with a company of warriors and priests to take it.

Sneak attack by cultists of the Toad God wanting revenge for the destruction of the Croaking Fane

Encounter floating black long boats, inter dimensional Viking wight creatures

The Lord in Iron and Shadow
-sends wraiths to capture Asefeh to sacrifice her to his Dark Mistress
-first wave 3
-second wave 6 on wyverns
-third wave he comes himself
-if she is captured, she is taken to the Night Fortress in the WyrmWall


DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep doddwaco