Blood Ring of Razumeen


The Blood Ring of Razumeen

This ring is polymorphed form of an ancient vampire, a dread beast who ran afoul of a powerful wizard who trapped the creature in this form.

The wearer is invisible as long as the ring is worn. If the wearer attacks or casts spells, he or she will become visible. The wearer can only become invisible once per round.

The invisibility does not work against vampires.
Do to their respect for the ring’s history, vampires will be more likely to treat favorably with the bearer (effect to be determined by judge).

While worn, the ring attempts to consume the blood of the wearer.

Each round the ring is worn, the PC rolls a d7 + Luck.
1-3: 2 hit points damage
4-6: 1 hit point damage
7: 0 hit points damage

Blood Ring of Razumeen

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