DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Into the Veil of Ghosts (Year 3: Month 1 Day 7-8)


3.1.8: oppressive heat causes BJ to suffer; afternoon-find a shimmering wall of light —Dantalv summons the wizard spirit, who id’s it extradimensional vortex; the wizard summons Lilith who agrees to tell him where it goes if he swears never to call her again: it goes to the Infernal Swamp of Bobugbubilz; the party leaves
dusk: they find the desicated remains of dinosaurs devoured by insect swarms

3.1.9: as they travel with the tiger, they witness more dino’s being devoured by vampiric vines
By noon, they arrive at the Broken Spire. The tiger leaves. Dantalv’s invisible servant finds the entrance, a great stone door covered in mystical sigils. Dantalv knocks the door open, which triggers a guardian, a great toad fiend. A nasty battle ensues and Xoon is possessed. Brother John is able to finally subdue Xoon with Lotus Stare and the demon is banished.
They enter the doorway and find themselves in an ancient chamber, the floors covered in mud, the walls dripping condensation.
The first room is some sort of twisted garden, and the company fights off vampiric vines and some sort of invisible fungus creature.



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