DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Into the Veil of Ghosts (Year 3: Month 1 Day 3-7)


3.1.3: After a night celebrating the defeat of the bandit Gurg, Xoon and his allies leave the village of Upper Hook. As a parting gift, Brother John charms a raven and leaves it with the villagers so that they may contact the Red Keep if they are in any danger.
The company travels the Green Paths all the way to the Stone King Mountains. The druid summons a great herd of thunderhooves, the wild horses of the plains.
He convinces there leader, Skybreaker, to carry them to the village of King’s Foot to the north that sits at the base of the only pass through the mountains. The village was friendly enough, welcoming the travellers at the Broken Boot Inn. There they meet the innkeeper Sheylayne, who takes an interest in our hero Xoon, and our heroes spend a restful night.

3.1.4: (coming)



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