DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Into the Veil of Ghosts-the Broken Spire (Year 3: Month 1 Day 8) Continued


The company faces down a guardian demon made up of howling winds and gnashing fangs.

The heroes ascend a long flight of steps that open into an great cavern. At the center on a raised stone platform are Toad cultists performing a ritual. Dantalv incinerates the head priest and Brother John blows away his minions.

With the death of the Keeper, an alarm sounds in a far away hell dimension. Within the great cavern, the ground shakes and the sky is rent asunder as Bobugbubilz himself tries to tear through the fabric of reality.

The company frees the imprisoned angel on the platform. As the creature heals itself and his companions, Xoon is carried to face the Toad Fiend high in the air by Dantalv’s powerful aerial servant.

The mighty warlord forces the Demon Lord back through the gate inch by inch until the healed angel Luriel is able to shut the portal.




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