Deztrok Xoon the Chieftain

Warrior 7


A mighty redheaded warrior, wielder of hammer and shield
Fighter 7
Title: War Chief
Occupation: Hunter Alignment: Neutral

Base Stats
Str 18 (+ 3) Agl 16 (+ 2) Sta 16 (+ 2) Int 10 Per 10 Lck 10

AC: 17 (Hide Armor + 3, Dex + 1, + 1 Shield + 2; d12 fumble die)
Hit Points: 82
Saves: Ref + 5 (3) Fort + 6 (4) Will + 4 (2)
Move: 25’ / 30’

Melee: “Mourngrummle” (magic returning hammer) + 6/1d8 + 5
range: 10’, 1/round
Berserk + 9/1d8+ 7
Ranged: spear + 1/1d6 + 3

Combat Basics
Initiative + 6
Action Dice: 1d20 + 1d20
Attack d10 + 1
Crit Die 1d30/V

Lucky Roll: Warrior’s Arm (crit rolls + 0)
Lucky Weapon: Hammer

Hide of the Cave Bear (acts as chain; can go berserk 1/day, duration: 1d5 rounds + level)
Lion Shield (+ 2 AC, + 2 will saves)
Mourngrummle (+ 2 returning hammer; Empathic; detect giants 120’; Purpose-Slay Giants; On crits vs. giants-Fort Save or DIE—DC Damage total; Crit=Thunder clap)
Helmet of the Hill Giant Chieftain (Enlarge 1/day)

*Signature Deed: Bonecrusher

Other Deeds:
“One Into the Other”*
3-Roll d16 to slam primary target into 2nd target; damage=1d6
4-Roll d16 + deed die to slam primary target into 2nd target; damage=1d8 + Str
5-Roll d20 + deed died to slam primary target into 2nd target; damage=1d8 + Str + deed
6-Auto hit; damage=1d8 + Str + deed
7+-Auto hit; damage=1d8 + Str + deed; +1d8 damage to primary target

1: Leadership-In battle there is no law, but you’re kinda in charge. Once per fight you can give any other PC an extra action; Re-rolling this lets you do it one more time per fight.
2: Roll out the hogfat and corpsepaint-Take half an hour out of your busy schedule and eat the heart of an animal that you and your party (of 10 or fewer people) killed ( a regular, nonmagic animal, though prehistoric animals and maybe some other weird monsters count at the GM’s discretion). You yourself must have delivered the killing blow. After you do that, you gain the offensive strength of that creature for one hour (# of attacks, bonus to attack, damage) but are also kind of nuts and cannot speak except in short grunts (you can point). You can preserve the heart for as long as you want before doing this. Do this more than once per day and you will go completely crazy. Re-roll this result and the effect lasts an extra hour.
3: Defender: give AC bonus to adjacent ally (up to PC level)
4: + 2 saves vs. electricity
5: Perceptive: roll w/advantage when trying to perceive things
6: Spring Attack-can split movement before/after attack
7: Swashbuckler-can leave combat without incurring retreat attack

tooth of a saber tooth tiger


Level 3

Level 2

Level 1

barbarian hunter who returned to his home in the Broken Lands to find his village destroyed
traveled to the Red Keep to become adventurer

Struck down by a cultist of the Pit God-rolled body: Scar on face
Fell from the mountain of the Bull God-rolled body: slightly hunched back
Laid low by the evil magic of H’lisk the serpent mage: missing left eye (eye patch)<—healed by Brother John

Deztrok Xoon the Chieftain

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