Dantalv the Sorcerer

Wizard 8


A wizard with a magic pig
Wizard 8
Alignment: Neutral—>Chaotic (due to use of the Demon’s Head)
Job: Astrologer

Init: + 0
Spellcheck: + 6
Crit Die/Table: I/1d10
Longsword – 1/1d6 -1

HP: 20
AC: 12 (Staff + 2, d4 Fumble)
SAVES Ref + 2 Fort -1 Will + 4

Str 7 (-1) Agl 9 Sta 7 (-1) Int 15 (+ 1) Per 10 Luck 5 (-2)
Unlucky Sign: Survived a Spider Bite (- 2 vs. poison saves)

Dragonbone staff (+ 1 to hit, +6 to damage, + 2 saves, + 2 fireball/magic missile)

Familiar: Oinker the Imp

Spells (+ 5) / Max Level: 3 / # of Spells: 11 (9 + 2 Int)
Level 1
Detect Magic: Strong caster (1d30)
Force Manipulation: skeletal caster, + 2 AC vs. missiles for 1d4 rounds
Flaming Hands: + 2 AC/Will for 1 round, hands turn to bone & lava
Mending: fear and loathing (1/2 CL HD make morale check or flee; all others focus attacks on caster); tiny gnomes crawl out of the earth & fix
Find Familiar
Sleep: blue light
Control Tentacle
Comprehend Languages: blood sweat
Mirror Image: "At Great Cost*
Magic Missile: Phase Out (1d6+1 rounds)-scribed on staff

Level 2
Knock: weak caster (d14)
Invisible Companion (No range)
Shatter (No MM)
Levitate (No MM)
Magic Staff: worms of the earth
Invisibility (No MM)
Strength: Aura of decay (rots food & drink)

Level 3
Fireball (No MM)
Turned To Stone: Planar Rift


Carousing in Silvercliff: + 1 spell known and spell choice (fireball)



apprenticed to an old warlock in a tower in the hills north of the Red Keep
after a failed summoning, warlock burned down his tower
Dandalf fled to the Red Keep where he met Destruction, Brother John and Lore
learned a terrible spell in the PIt, the use of which has horribly corrupted him; he doesn’t seem to mind.

Savagely bitten by toad gargoyle-La La rolled the body (horrific bite scar on shoulder)
twisted leg after Levitate spell fail

All hair has been burned off by a burning hands spell gone wrong.
left hand is orange (failure-magic missile)
demon ears (auto-crit using Demon’s Head)
grinding sound when he walks (failure=Turn To Stone)
right hand is black (failure-fireball)
skull face (use of the Demon’s Head)
goat legs and hooves (use of the Demon’s Head)

The King of Elf Land healed Dandalf of his previous foul corruptions
Former Corruption
Has no face! (from casting Create Tentacle)
Left arm is a tentacle (from casting Create Tentacle)
Has tentacles instead of hair (from casting Create Tentacle)
Burnt black skin (failed spell casting Flaming Hands)

Dantalv the Sorcerer

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