DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Into Castle Whiterock: Level 5-Submerged Courtyard (Year 2: Winter-Month 11 Day 9-11)


Xoon and Brother Jon clear out the underwater dungeon after encountering two jelly slimes. They find a shaft that leads up to the well on the dungeon’s third level.
Returning to the submerged court yard, they find the hydra’s treasure hoard in the ruins of the guard’s tower. A trove of coins, some valuable art objects and two magical items: a returning arrow and the Obsidian Ring of the Weird. Finally, Dandalv has found found the object of his quest!
In the days it takes to remove the treasure, the company is confronted by a war band of nixies.
When their leader discovers that Xoon rescued his sister Nissa and now bears her ring, they become friendly. They lead Xoon and Brother Jon to Sygnathus, who is hiding in a bladderwort field. Brother Jon charms the giant pike who lives in the field, and in turn the pike slays Syg and drags its corpse to Brother Jon. With that, the underwater level of the dungeon is cleared!
The party returns to Castle Whiterock with its treasure.



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