DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Into Castle Whiterock: Level 4 (Year 2, Month 6, Day 14-Cont.)


Cleaning Room
Destruction goes down the chute to confront six water elementals.
Asefeh follows…
Dandalv follows
Xoon, Asefah & Dandalv gets dropped
Brother Jon steps out of chute in time to heal him
La La drops down.
La La gets dropped.
BJ gets dropped
Xoon goes berserk and kills all the elementals.
-rolls BJ’s body: he’s alive!
BJ heals everyone.
They find awesome treasure: rust bag of tricks, elven cloak, gloves of arrow snaring, halfling jump cape

Faculty Rooms: search, find “nothing” of interest.
Faculty Lounge: smashing down the door summons a metal wasp/wolf demon, which Dandalv & Xoon slay.
-discover secret vault in lounge, use code phrase to bypass phantasmal killer

four constructs attack and are defeated; one is paralyzed for later study
when PCs destroy the bodies, the heads pop off and fly around shooting lasers; he got smart and started destroying heads first. I’ve got my hands full with this guy.
while investigating the room, party is attacked by animated table (transformer style), which is destroyed.
party discovers secret vault door & construct book (learn animate object with MM-powerful caster! OR sell for $50K gp—Dandalv convinces party to let him have it)

The Stacks
LL crawls up a shaft to discover library room filled with weird menacing blue lizards (who must clump together to max attacks)
Dandalv launches massive fireball up the shaft, frying the lizards who had clumped together to get anyone coming up shaft
-they find some stuff, the spyglass being only of real value (goes to Asefeh)

Party Returns to Organ room to rest & Dandalv needs to memorize Mend to repair the magic flute.

BJ & Kolash leveled after this session
BJ got the + 1 AC vs. ranged attacks from table
-Kolash got: 40. You do d6+str damage unarmed: There’s nothing wrong with them that you can’t fix with your hands… You go up one die each time you re-roll this.
→I think I’ll just +1d each of his attacks so d12 for bite & d7 for claws.
-need to bump Kolash to level 6

-party almost TPK’d. I fudged one dice roll to keep him in the fight, but he ultimately took all the monsters down himself which was impressive. It was a close thing. I was already planning the adventure in which his followers stormed Castle Whiterock to recover his body. What would have happened next? I have no idea.



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