DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Into Castle Whiterock: Level 3 (Year 2, Month 6, Day 12-Cont.)


Finally Destruction confronts Drugilla in the buried tower of her cloud giant ancestors.
After dispatching her giant-sized henchman (made-so by the power of the White Roc artifact), the company chases her through the tower, as she flies in the air above them. After a lengthy battle, Drugilla is brought low as Dandalv turns her to stone. Her fall from high above destroys her stone body along with the powerful artifact she carried.
At the top of the tower, the party is confronted by a cloud giant skeleton! The conflict is blody, but ultimately Destruction and his allies bring the undead death machine down. In the ruins of the tower, La La finds a legendary halfling magical item: a bag of unerring stones!
Still looking to clean out the third level of this dungeon, the company explores the various tunnels around the sunken tower. They stumble upon a massive green slime, one that fills an entire section of the dungeon.
With Destruction’s hammer and Dandalv’s fireballs, the party vanquishes this horror.
The company continues deeper into the tunnels, finding an underground lake. They are approached by a small nixie with a tale of woe; she is trapped in this cave by a great beast. Could the company save her? Destruction and his allies swim through an underground tunnel and confront a monstrous crawfish. After a brief skirmish, Brother John charms the giant beast and sends it on its way. In appreciation, the nixie gives them a magical ring, which Dandalv quickly discerns is a powerful artifact!
And with that, Level three of Castle Whiterock is cleared!



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