DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Into Castle Whiterock: Level 3 (Year 2, Month 6, Day 11-12)


The company continues to delve deeper into the dungeon, this time seeking out a beastwoman named Drugilla, reputed to be the leader of the White Roc tribe. They discover an ancient temple that has been used as a training room for the beastmen, finding a secret cache of treasure in the altar.
Next they find a barracks filled with a group of beastman and battle ensues! As Destruction and his allies fight, another group of beastmen join the fray. It was a mighty confrontation, one that saw both LaLa and Kolash brought low by their foes only to be revived by the healing magicks of Brother Jon. After dispatching their foes, the company rests for only a second before they are discovered by another patrol of beastmen. Finally, with no enemies in sight and Brother Jon feeling the disapproval of the Treemoot, the party hunkers down in the beastmen barracks for the night. After a remarkably quiet rest, they awake to a new day and a continued search for the beastmen’s mistress.

I added a new twist to wandering monsters in Whiterock, including an entry for “Enemy”. If I get this result, then I roll randomly for one of the party’s enemies from a past adventures shows up in the dungeon looking for them. He’s made quite a few, and I thought it might keep his past deeds fresh in his mind. For example, he has the cultists of Bobugbubulz after him, along with the followers of Jubilex, the Nightmen of the Lord of Iron and Shadow . . . just to name a few.



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