DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Into Castle Whiterock: Level 5-Submerged Courtyard (Year 2: Winter-Month 11 Day 9)


Seeking a legendary library to find information on Xaroth the Undying, Xoon and company head back to Whiterock via the Green pathways.
Before they even enter the dungeons, Xoon sees a shadowy figure on the shore of the lake. The group finds a set of stairs leading down into the depths of the water. The barbarian and Brother Jon descend into the water; Xoon uses the nixie’s magic ring, and Brother John uses the mended bottle of air. The two find a giant clam bed and manage to liberate some valuable giant pearls. They also find a secret door that leads into a section of the castle. They find some treasure (including some magic arrows!) and some giant beetles, which are hastily dispatched after mistaking our adventurers for food.
Peering out ancient arrow slits, Xoon catches a glimpse of something massive and serpentine swimming in the water. Returning to the surface, the company goes fishing! Brother John summons a horse, the company ties a rope to the poor beast and sends it swimming. In a moments, the adventurers hooks something massive. A great seven headed water hydra bursts from the lake’s depths and swallows the horse. Battle is joined.
With surprising easy, the company defeat the monster with a combination of powerful fireballs, mighty curses and flying hammers. La La helped too!



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