DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Back at the Red Keep (Year 2, Month 9, Day 16)

It is fall when Dandalv emerges from the Black Tower. The wizard immediately calls a meeting. He tells the group of his discovery of a powerful spell to summon Azi Dahaka, Demon Prince of Storms and Serpents. He argues that the demon would be a powerful ally for them. Brother Jon argues against contacting this evil being. Xoon is neutral. Ultimately, Dandalv decides not to use the spell . . . for now.
The others inform Dandalv of what he has missed over the last three months. Xoon has been working with his guards and overseeing the building of three ballistas on the towers of the keep. Brother Jon has been tending his shrine. Asefeh spent the months riding with the road patrols and teaching them horseman ship; the men all seem to idolize her. La La informs the group that someone snuck into the keep and stole her snake charm bracelet, an item of some magical power. The group searches the keep and the surrounding village. Dandalv even walks the area using his ability to detect magic, but he only manages to terrify the villagers who all think he is half demon.
A guard brings to the group’s attention that the village graveyard appears to be haunted as zombies have arisen over the past several nights and have had to be put down. The company visits the graveyard and Brother Jon discovers a wicked spirit hiding among the graves.
With a wave of his holy symbol, the priest dismisses the foul creature. The villagers are greatly relieved, and their love of the wise old druid increases along with visits to Brother Jon’s shrine out in the woods.
The company readies their adventuring gear and heads out into the forest where Brother Jon opens the Green Way, taking them to Silvercliff. They appear in a small copse of trees in the town and make their way to the Inn of the Slumbering Drake. There they meet Chauntessa and sell her the gnomish books they found in the Clockwork Academy. After taking some refreshment, they ride out into the wild to clear the land for more settlers . . . but not before Asefeh makes a quick stop to give a gift of 1000 gold to the master of the local thieves guild, whom she had offended during their last visit to town.

Using the Kingmaker events table (modified) on a monthly basis now for events that happen to the Red Keep. Results for the three months:
2.6-Sensational Crime: someone stole La La’s charm bracelet!
2.7: Good Weather!
2.8: The Dead Rise: a wicked ghost in the town graveyard is raising zombies



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