DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Into the Veil of Ghosts-the Broken Spire (Year 3: Month 1 Day 8)



trapped door
Xoon hits the door with his hammer-10d6 chain lightning bolt: takes out Dantalv but BJ heals him
Xoon casts lightning bolt from his hammer (NEW POWER)—causes a phlogiston disturbance that sucks everything in the room into a space rift (Reflex DC 15) and then explodes the door.

Explosion brings a pack of ur-ghouls. Xoon blocks them from getting at the casters and Dantalv fireballs them.

The company travels the halls and find a great pool with a passage beyond. In the pool are three frogtopus’s. fight fight fight
Invisible servant carries them across. BJ uses gust of wind to blow the water out of the room and finds coins on the pool bottom

Next they find a summoning with a mud elemental. Fight fight fight: fireballs and Transmute Earth = dead mud elemental.

The company heads down into a strange plant filled area where they fight three powerful troll brothers. After the battle, they retreat back to the first level of the complex.

Next the company find some stairs and head up into a temple level. They find cultists, frog men and demons.

Into the Veil of Ghosts (Year 3: Month 1 Day 7-8)


3.1.8: oppressive heat causes BJ to suffer; afternoon-find a shimmering wall of light —Dantalv summons the wizard spirit, who id’s it extradimensional vortex; the wizard summons Lilith who agrees to tell him where it goes if he swears never to call her again: it goes to the Infernal Swamp of Bobugbubilz; the party leaves
dusk: they find the desicated remains of dinosaurs devoured by insect swarms

3.1.9: as they travel with the tiger, they witness more dino’s being devoured by vampiric vines
By noon, they arrive at the Broken Spire. The tiger leaves. Dantalv’s invisible servant finds the entrance, a great stone door covered in mystical sigils. Dantalv knocks the door open, which triggers a guardian, a great toad fiend. A nasty battle ensues and Xoon is possessed. Brother John is able to finally subdue Xoon with Lotus Stare and the demon is banished.
They enter the doorway and find themselves in an ancient chamber, the floors covered in mud, the walls dripping condensation.
The first room is some sort of twisted garden, and the company fights off vampiric vines and some sort of invisible fungus creature.

Into the Veil of Ghosts (Year 3: Month 1 Day 3-7)


3.1.3: After a night celebrating the defeat of the bandit Gurg, Xoon and his allies leave the village of Upper Hook. As a parting gift, Brother John charms a raven and leaves it with the villagers so that they may contact the Red Keep if they are in any danger.
The company travels the Green Paths all the way to the Stone King Mountains. The druid summons a great herd of thunderhooves, the wild horses of the plains.
He convinces there leader, Skybreaker, to carry them to the village of King’s Foot to the north that sits at the base of the only pass through the mountains. The village was friendly enough, welcoming the travellers at the Broken Boot Inn. There they meet the innkeeper Sheylayne, who takes an interest in our hero Xoon, and our heroes spend a restful night.

3.1.4: (coming)

On the Road (Year 2: Winter-Month 12 Day 2-Year 3: Month 1 Day 3))


Xoon and his companions stay with Adralla as she gathers the tribal chieftains and declares her success in slaying Frostheart. The prophecy fulfilled, the chieftains elect her Queen of the North. The festivities continue for a month, but finally Brother John carries the trio back to the Red Keep via the Green Paths.

The company arrives to find the Red Keep and surrounding areas struck by a horrific disease, the slime plague, sent by Lord Jubilex himself. Brother John calls upon the Treemoot and brings another miracle to pass, healing the entire kingdom!

Dantalv, unconcerned by silly magic plagues, retires to his black tower to summon the Demon Prince of Storms himself, Azi Dahaka. The wizard bonds himself to the entity, and in doing so is blessed with powerful knowledge. Azi Dahaka reveals that, to defeat the Lord of Iron and Shadow, the company must seek out Luriel the Archon, an angelic smith of great power. In return for the knowledge, the demon promises to call upon Dantalv for a favor soon. The demon prince leaves his mark on Dantalv’s forehead.

After further research, Dantalv uses the power of the Demon’s Head to summon one of Azi Dahaka’s most powerful servants, Lilith the Naga. After a battle of wills, he learns from this dangerous spirit that Luriel is a prisoner of Bubugbubilz! She reveals that he is held in a mountain to the south east in a great jungle. Using this powerful magic comes at a cost though, as Dantalv finds his body and soul grow ever more twisted; his legs have become that of a goat!

Xoon, Dantalv and Brother John set out the next day. Brother John finds his calls to the Treemoot to go unheard, and the Green Path becomes difficult to travel. The trio make it to Upper Hook, some fifty miles away. Seeking shelter for the night, Xoon is met by suspicious, rough-looking guardsmen at a newly built wooden palisade. They refuse him entry, and the three camp outside of the town for the night.

In the morning, Xoon demands entry. Refused, Dantalv blasts down the door and the barbarian battles the guards. As the fighting men threaten to overcome Xoon, Brother John captures the minds of the entire mob. Marching into the town, the three are greeted as liberators. They learn the town has been seized by the bandit Gurg. Xoon and his companions make quick work of the blackguard and even execute him in the town square. The town celebrates their champion’s return!

The North Lands (Year 2: Winter-Month 12 Day 1-2)


Xoon and his companions, including the barbarian queen, travel deep into the wilds of the North Lands, seeking the glacier home of Frostheart. While setting up camp, they are attacked by a band of white trolls. Xoon and the queen compete to see who can kill the most trolls, but more and more pour from the dark woods. Finally, Brother John calls upon the power of the Trees, and the Trees answer.
Filled with divine power, the druid opens a crack in the earth, swallowing up the trolls and crushing them. Then Brother John raises a mountain peak from the earth. From his new vantage point, he spies the dragon’s glacier to the north. With the fading remnants of his godlike power, Brother John creates a great stone ridge leading straight to their icy destination.
After an hour’s march high above the northern woods, the company arrives on the frozen surface of the great glacier. The howling winds and freezing temperatures are no challenge as Brother John again uses the blessings of the Trees to keep his allies warm and protected. After another hour’s march, the party discovers a deep crevice, its depths hidden by cold, white mists.
Fruitlessly, Xoon calls out challenges to the great wyrm. Finally, Dantalv hurls fiery comets into the darkness below. A deep rumble shakes the glacier, and with a deafening roar, the mighty dragon Frostheart bursts from the white mists and charges the company.
A mighty battle ensues. Brother John calls on the blessings of the Trees to protect his allies. Dantalv’s magic seem fickle and appear to have little effect on the mighty wyrm. In the end, it is the hammer of Xoon that cracks the diamond hide of Frostheart, and the barbarian queen kills the dragon with the legendary greatspear, Drakeslayer.
With this mighty feat, the barbarian queen is able to lay claim to leadership of the clans of the North Lands. In thanks for their aid, she agrees to a treaty of friendship with the lord of the Red Keep.

The North Lands (Year 2: Winter-Month 11 Day 13-Month 12 Day 1)


Weary of the oppressive evil of the Black Caves of Bobugbubilz, Xoon and company depart Whiterock and return to the Red Keep.
Eager to solidify his power base, the chieftain travels to negotiate a treaty with the barbarian tribes of the North Lands.
Once there, he makes contact with a tribe of warriors, let by a mighty barbarian named Aleeta. She agrees to sign a treaty with Xoon in exchange for his aid in slaying the great wyrm Frostheart. In doing so, she would fulfill the tenets of a prophecy that would make her the chieftain of the all the northern tribes.

Into Castle Whiterock: Level 6-The Black Cave (Year 2: Winter-Month 11 Day 13 cont)

Continuing deeper into the Black Cave, Xoon and company discover a strange lab being operated by spider-like creatures made of stone. Flying above them is some sort of winged earth creature with a long beard.
Without much discussion, a fight ensues. Dandalv slings some spells before one of the stone spiders bites him, causing his skin to stiffen and render him unable to move. The rest of the party finishes off the spider while LaLa teleports to the creature’s back and renders it unconscious with a mighty blow to the head from her flail. The two crash to the ground.
The group ties up the creature and tries to interrogate it. It reveals that the ancient library they seek is on this very level, hidden behind a secret door. After they loosen his arm, the creature attempts to escape by creating illusionary duplicates of itself and shrinking out of its bonds. Brother Jon brains it with Root and that’s the end of the earth creature.
Searching the area, the company finds a magic ring, a magic cloak, magic bracers and a scroll with three spells on it!

Into Castle Whiterock: Level 6-The Black Cave (Year 2: Winter-Month 11 Day 12-13)

The party rests undisturbed in the dungeon once controlled by the White Roc tribe of beastmen. (level 3)
The next day Dantalv summons the ghost of one of the dead toadmen. it is uncooperative and ultimately attacks the wizard. Xoon dismisses it with a single blow of Mourngrummel.
The party returns to Benthoc’s caverns. Using the corpse of the toadmen, Brother Jon commands their spirits to speak. They learn of the toadmen’s leader Sossank, who dwells deep in the Black Cave in a hidden pool. They also learn of the meaning of the crowned stalactite symbol found on the toadmen’s weapons. It is the symbol of the Thane of Narlborg, the lord of a dwarven kingdom in the the Underdeep.
Brother Jon also learns that beneath the Black Cave lies the Watery Way, and subterranean river system. Below that is something called the Immense Cavern.
Brother Jon casts protection spells on the company and they return to the Black Cave. They find a rope that leads down through a hole into a deeper part of the cave system.
There they are ambushed by toadmen hunters. Without the effects of the Toad Fiend’s curse, the company strikes them down with hammer and fire!

Into Castle Whiterock: Level 6-The Black Cave (Year 2: Winter-Month 11 Day 12)

After spending the night in the comfort of the Red Keep, the company returns to Whiterock. They travel down the strange unnaturally smooth tunnel leading down from the troglodytes cave into the foul smelling darkness. Finally, the passageway opens into a cave.
The adventurers feel an oppressive spiritual power pressing down on them, making them feel weak. A familiar bubbling voice whispers in the back of their minds. As Dantalv seeks to dispel the heavy darkness, acidic spittle hits him in the face from out of the blackness. Huge toadfolk lumber out of the dark and attack with clubs.
With them are strange lizards with human faces and bulging eyes, the sight of which attacks the very minds of the heroes.
The spiritual power that weakens the heroes causes Dantalv’s spells to fail. The Treemoot appears deaf to Brother Jon’s entreaties. Even the might Xoon feels his mighty muscles fail. The company retreats back to the troglodyte caves to rest and recuperate.
But the toadfolk, with a toadpriest bearing a might spear, follow them and attack again.
However, outside of the cursed oppressiveness, the company wages mighty battle and fells the toad warriors. Their priest leader disappears during the battle.
Brother Jon realizes that the black cave must be a unholy sanctuary dedicated to the Toad Fiend itself, Bobugbubilz!
Armed with that knowledge, the druid prepares protection magicks to counter the curse of the Black Cave!

Into Castle Whiterock: Level 5-Submerged Courtyard (Year 2: Winter-Month 11 Day 9-11)


Xoon and Brother Jon clear out the underwater dungeon after encountering two jelly slimes. They find a shaft that leads up to the well on the dungeon’s third level.
Returning to the submerged court yard, they find the hydra’s treasure hoard in the ruins of the guard’s tower. A trove of coins, some valuable art objects and two magical items: a returning arrow and the Obsidian Ring of the Weird. Finally, Dandalv has found found the object of his quest!
In the days it takes to remove the treasure, the company is confronted by a war band of nixies.
When their leader discovers that Xoon rescued his sister Nissa and now bears her ring, they become friendly. They lead Xoon and Brother Jon to Sygnathus, who is hiding in a bladderwort field. Brother Jon charms the giant pike who lives in the field, and in turn the pike slays Syg and drags its corpse to Brother Jon. With that, the underwater level of the dungeon is cleared!
The party returns to Castle Whiterock with its treasure.


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