The Epic Feats of Destruction and Company

The rescue of a boy’s dog from a darkling cave near Red Keep

The opening of the Old Road by defeating the tribe of gorilla men and their volcano godling

The defeat of the necromancer Neb (and subsequent saving of the Red Keep)

The defeat of a risen Chaos Lord in the Starless Sea

The defeat of the Beast of Hirot and the liberation of the town from the oppressive Jarl

The eradication of the People of the Pit and their foul Pit Beast

The defeat of the Bull God and the liberation of Upper Hook

The slaying of Shroud the Bloody and the opening of Shudder Pass

The defeat of H’lisk the Serpent Mage and the destruction of the Tower Out of Time

The slaying of Vandaraxx, the dragon lord of the Fetid Plain

The return of Lore to his father the King of Elf Land

The King of Elf Land’s Labors
-the destruction of the Mistress Dralnibulla the Nebula Widow

The Epic Feats of Destruction and Company

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