The South

The Red Keep

The Verdant Shrine

The Twilight Tower

Silvertop A mining town NW of the Red Keep, they sell their silver to dwarves in the Wyrm Wall

Hirot A walled settlement on the Hunters Walk in the northeast of the Free Lands. Ruled by a jarl. (loyal to the Company)

Hilltop A hard scrabble settlement overlooking the Great Chasm. Southern termination point of Hunters Walk. Few of the villagers remain, having been devastated by the People of the Pit.

The Wyrm Wall-mountain range that separates the Broken Lands from the Free Lands
—The Night Fortress: home of the Witch Queen and her lover the Lord of Iron and Shadow

The Broken Lands

Husk Small shudderfolk trading post on the Great Road.

Upper Hook A tiny village north of the Old Road. Liberated from the torments of the Bull God by Destruction and Co.

The Blue Abbey A monastery to the northeast of the Red Keep. Occupied by a small number of monks dedicated to worshiping the Gods of Light.

The Great Road—ancient road from a fallen empire, fading charms still provide some protection to travelers

The Shudder Mountains—eastern central area in the Free Lands

The Fetid Plain

The Elder Wood
-Red Cap

The Veil of Ghosts-primeval jungle to the south of the Fetid Plain

  • The House of Blades—temple fortress of the warlord King Tiger and his war cult, the Five Death Clans


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