DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

People of the Pit: The Second level


Using another magic maze room, the heroes enter the second level of the Pit. There they are confronted by more cultists who summon up a great tentacle to attack our heroes. Only by slaying the summoners are Destruction and Company able to save Loo Loo from being crushed by the foul appendage!

People of the Pit: Friends In Low Places


Destruction and friends, still reeling from Dandalf’s horrific mutation, are surprised by reinforcements from Commander Hawk: a simple-minded but ferocious dwarf mushroom farmer named Bumble and a savage halfling from the Broken Lands named Loo Loo Farfoot. Continuing deeper into the pits, they discover a true abomination, the devil toad of Bobugbubilz. After a ferocious battle that left Bumble in an enchanted sleep and Destruction half in the great maw of the toad, our heroes destroyed the foul beast. They then traversed a magic lightning maze before confronting the Yellow Priest of the Pit, who cursed them and left them to battle his minions. Loo Loo barely escaped with her life after being struck down by the priest’s Toan pet. However, our heroes ultimately triumphed. The elf seer Lore used his mystical knowledge to use the magical energies of the pit to travel further down into the depths of the Pit . . . into the Cult’s Workshop.

People of the Pit: Down, Down, Down They Go


Our heroes continue to explore the warrens within the pit. Several cultists are dispatched as are the horrific octopods that live within the cultists’ bodies. The adventures face another ghost, the Spectre of the Red Room, who leaves them with both a curse and a powerful magic item, the Red Glass Wand. After studying some dark, arcane writings, Dandalf casts a spell with horrific consequences. Summoning a great tentacle from within the pit to do his bidding, the wizard watches as his own arm morphs into a horrific grey tentacle!

People of the Pit: Into the Pit


Our heroes traveled into the cavernous lair of the cult within the Pit. After killing some cultists and slaying their octopoid overlords, Destruction and Co. discover a secret door that to tunnels going deep into the ground. There in the dark, Destruction and Lore confront some angry ghosts and barely escape with their lives.

People of the Pit: South to Hilltop (Year 1, Month 6)
Our heroes investigate a foul cult


After liberating Hirot from the curse of the Hound, the Defenders of Redkeep return to their home town laden down with treasure and four fine new stallions. Commander Hawk immediately assigns them a new task, investigate the reports of a cult of faceless men tormenting the small southern hamlet of Hilltop. Our heroes travel the Wilderness Road down to the Great Canyon and meet Annie, proprietor of The Rusty Sword Inn. She tells them the story of the Black God and its foul followers, leading Destruction and Company to the edge of the black hole in the ground and to battle with the People of the Pit and the hideous creatures that live beneath their skin.
And Dandalf the Astrologer threw his sword into the pit.

Doom of the Savage Kings, Part II

Destruction and his allies plunder an ancient tomb, facing black-fanged ghoul death and finding mighty weapons. Forearmed with knowledge from an local witch, our heroes track the Beast back to its home in the swamps. Descending into the Black Pit, they face and defeat the Hound of Hirot, ending its evil menace once and for all. Returning to the town, Destruction, Brother John, Lore the Elf and Dandalf the Astrologist (and Oinker the pig) are hailed as the Heroes of Hirot. They decide to stay in town for awhile and enjoy some much needed rest.

Doom of the Savage Kings, Part I (Year 1, Month 5)
To the Town of Hirot

Commander Hawk asks our heroes to investigate rumors concerning the cursed town Hirot. After an uneventful trip north across country, Destruction and his allies interrupted an attempted sacrifice of a young maiden. After the mob left, the heroes freed the woman and defeated an evil, part bear, part dragon creature. After the beast was slain, it turned into a foul, black mist and flew away.
The maiden Morgan led her rescuers to Hirot and her father Bull, the owner of The Sign of the Wolf Spear. Bull greeted them as heroes, though the town seemed less convinced. Another mob assembled outside the Inn under the leadership of the angry priest, Father Beacom. Bull and Brother John won the crowd over and dispersed them.
But it seems clear that the Hound of Hirot will return and will be looking for blood.

Sailors On the Starless Sea, Part II: Facing the Chaos Lord


In which Destruction the Barbarian and his comrades sail the Starless Sea, bargain with a leviathan and battle an avatar of Chaos.

Sailors on the Starless Sea, Part I: Storming the Keep (Year 1, Month 4)

ruins-2.jpgIn which our heroes, at the request of Commander Hawk, brave the Dead Lands to investigate the disappearance of some local villagers.
Once at the black ruins, Destruction and his allies are attacked by beastmen and vine horrors. In a triumphant battle, they defeat a bull-headed beastman champion. Now they stand at the doorway to stairs leading underneath the ruins.

The Dead Are Angry! (Year 1, Month 3)


In which Destruction, Brother John and their new ally Lore the Wanderer, defend the Red Keep against a zombie attack. After putting down the walking dead, the comrades fight and defeat an evil necromancer and his foul creation, a giant zombie golem. The three warriors escape only with the help of the King of Elfland himself.


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