DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

The Dead Are Angry! (Year 1, Month 3)


In which Destruction, Brother John and their new ally Lore the Wanderer, defend the Red Keep against a zombie attack. After putting down the walking dead, the comrades fight and defeat an evil necromancer and his foul creation, a giant zombie golem. The three warriors escape only with the help of the King of Elfland himself.

Attack of the Gorilla Men (Year 1, Month 2)

Destruction and his companions, at the bequest of the Commander of Red Keep, investigate attacks on caravans along the East Road. They find a tribe of savage gorilla warriors under the thrall of a volcano godling. Our heroes triumph, but poor Dirk does not survive.

Into the Caves of the Darklings (Year 1, Month 1)

Young Destruction, warrior and woodsman, joins with Dirk the Cowardly and wise Brother John to rescue a young boy’s dog from the evil clutches of the Darklings, shadow creatures who prey upon the surface world.


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