W: Keyros the Elf (Elder Wood)



Servant of the King of Elf Land
Guide for Destruction in the Elder Wood

Name: Keyros the Quester
Class: Elf
Former Occupation: Elven Forester
HP: 13

Str 7 (-1) Agl 11 Sta 15 (+ 1)
Per 12 Int 11 Luck 9

Fort: + 1 Refl + 2 Will + 2

Ranged: longbow + 2/1d6
Melee: longsword + 2/1d6
Action Dice: 1d20
Crit Die/Table: 1d8/II
Attack: + 2

Unlucky Spell:
Lucky Sign: Struck by Lightning (Reflex Saves)
Languages: Common, Elven
Racial Traits: Heightened Senses, Iron Vulnerability, Infravision

Patron: King of Elfland
Known Spells: 5
Max Spell Level: 2
Level One
Patron bond

Invoke patron

Comprehend Languages (standard)

Magic Shield
-Mystic twin: Casting the spell causes a fully functioning twin face to appear in the caster’s chest. The face remains for 1d3 rounds. During that time, this dual face has its own 1d20 action die under the control of the player, with which it can speak, cast spells as the caster, or spout cryptic wisdom.

Runic Alphabet (standard)

Level Two
Levitate (standard)


W: Keyros the Elf (Elder Wood)

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