RK-Followers: Dandalf's Magi


Six aspiring wizards have come to the Twisted Spire to study with Dandalf.

Key Personages

Caull The Silent
Wizard 1

HP: 9
AC: 10 [None (+ 0), Check penalty (-0), Fumble die (d4)]
Init + 0

Attack Mod + 0
Crit Die/Table: 1d6/1
Action Dice 1d20

STR 11 AGL 11 STA 15 (+ 1) PER 14 (+ 1) INT 13 (+ 1) LCK 9
REF + 1 FORT + 1 WILL + 2
Lucky Sign: Four Leaf clover (+ 0)
Languages: Common, Gnome, Horse, Troglodyte
Alignment: Neutral
Occupation: Wainwright

Spell Check (d20 + 2)
1) Read Magic
1) Runic Alphabet
1) Patron Bond
1) Invoke Patron

25 cp + 10 gp
Cart: straw
Grappling hook

Note: Patron Bond (burned one luck to get to 24):
Patron: Obitu-Que
The caster is considered an important person in his patron’s plans. He forms an agreement with his patron and is marked as one in the patron’s service. The caster learns the spell invoke patron as it relates to his patron and may cast it twice per day at a +1 bonus to the spell check. The patron also gives the caster a gift (for which a countergift is to be expected, of course). The gift is a single patron spell, selected from the patron’s spell list. The caster can cast this spell once per day in place of a casting of invoke patron. Each time he casts this patron spell or invoke patron, the caster is indebted to his patron, who will call in the debt at some point.



RK-Followers: Dandalf's Magi

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