Silvercliff: Lady Chauntessa

An innkeeper


Twenty years ago a mysterious woman with silver hair purchased a “cursed” site in town and built the Inn of the Slumbering Drake. She stands 6 feet tall with long, flowing silver-white hair. She otherwise appears, however, to be in her early 40s. She has high cheekbones and slender facial features. She rarely smiles – her single imperfection is the perpetual frown etched onto her countenance. She always wears fine silk gowns and flowery perfumes. She is pessimistic, sullen, and speaks with a soft, melodious voice. She frequently is seen with her Pseudodragon (Ixnay) perched on her shoulder.

The Lady Chauntessa’s generosity is well-known throughout Silvercliff, and she not only funds many community projects but also hosts a few annual costume balls open to the entire town, complete with complimentary food and drink.


Silvercliff: Lady Chauntessa

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