La La Farfoot, Captain of the Seven Swords

Halfling 6


Halfling Level 6 (XP 417/550)

Init + 0
Weapon-Melee: flails x2 + 5/1d6
Weapon-Ranged: slings x2 + 5/1/d4
Action: 1d20/1d14
Crit: III/1d12

AC: 15 (+ 1 chain shirt, Fd8)
Ref + 3 Fort + 3 Will + 4

Base Stats
Str 11 Agl 10 Sta 9 Int 7 (-1) Per 8 (-1) LUCK 13 (+ 1)

Sneak & Hide + 11
Climb + 11
Find/Remove Traps + 9
Pick Lock + 9
Cast Color Spray (d14 + 7) Mercurial Magic: Cannibal magic. The caster suffers damage equal to 1d4+the spell’s level each time he casts it, unless he is physically touching another individual willing to suffer the damage in his stead.

Armor: + 1 magical chain shirt (acts as chainmail but encumbers like leather: Fd8 , -1 armor check)
bag of unerring stones
Double-flail: chain with two iron balls on either end.
snake bracers (charm + 3, 131)
daggers x3
Backpack: flint & steel, hook & silk rope (50’)
Potion-Neutralize Poison x3

1) Every Adventurer Is a Thief!: Open Locks (+ 9)
2) Every Adventurer Is a Thief!: Find & Remove Trap (+ 9)
3) Every Adventurer Is a Thief!: Climb Walls (+ 11)
4) 1/day, you may make any attack (spell, ranged, melee, etc) strike an enemy adjacent to you.
5) So I found this scroll in this old man’s house, right? You have learned one magic-user spell. You cast it at D14 + level + Luck (Color Spray 1d14 + 7)
6) One bonus hit dice roll


met Destruction and Company on the Road to Hilltop, joined in for the adventure
her luck helped the group hide from a mighty dragon while traveling the Great Road east of the Red Keep

Brother John converted her to the worship of the Treemoot

Was dropped by the energy blasts of the God Seed but healed by Brother John=terrible burn scar on her back.

currently is the leader of a mercenary band called the Seven Swords

La La Farfoot, Captain of the Seven Swords

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