La La Farfoot, Captain of the Seven Swords

Halfling adventurer


Halfling Level 4
AC: 16

Base Stats
Str 11 Agl 10 Sta 9 Int 7 (-1) Per 8 (-1) LUCK 13

Weapon-Melee: flails x2 + 3/1d6
Weapon-Ranged: slings x2 + 3/1/d6
Armor: + 1 magical chain shirt (acts as chainmail but encumbers like leather: Fd8 , -1 armor check)


met Destruction and Company on the Road to Hilltop, joined in for the adventure
her luck helped the group hide from a mighty dragon while traveling the Great Road east of the Red Keep

Brother John converted her to the worship of the Treemoot

Was dropped by the energy blasts of the God Seed but healed by Brother John.

currently is the leader of a mercenary band called the Seven Swords

La La Farfoot, Captain of the Seven Swords

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