Kong, Gorilla Psychic Monk from Dimension X

A psychic kung-fu fighting berserker ape . . . obviously!


The mysterious Kong arrives from Dimension X, wielding both physical and psychic martial arts.

Gorilla Psychic Monk class (with credit to a 5 year old game designer; Jeremy Deram [“People Them With Monsters”], whose excellent monk class design I’ve done terrible things to; and James Carpio, author of “Tales From the Fallen Empire” and creator of the Man-Ape class)

Hit Dice: d10

Requirements: None—There is only one in this dimension and his name is Kong.

Weapon and Armor Training: Psychic monks cannot use melee weapons of any sort; it is an insult to their training. They may use any range weapons, but they prefer ray-guns.

Unarmed Attacks: As a psychic monk becomes more experienced, he can deal more damage with these attacks.

Armor Bonus: Although monks cannot wear armor, they use the better of the following two methods to calculate their armor class:
AC=Personality Score
AC=10 + CL

Other Special Abilities: Whenever a psychic monk gains a level beyond the first, he gains a new special ability (these will be adapted from whatever weird cool idea my five year old dreams up.)


Psychic Abilities
All spell-like abilities are cast like a cleric, i.e. 1d20 + CL + PER
L1 Special Ability: Mind Bolt (as per Magic Missile [p. 144-145] but doesn’t work against non-living, non-sentient creatures)
L2 Special Ability: Lotus Stare 268
L3 Special Ability: Gust of Wind 219

Gorilla Abilities
Fleet-Footed: Climb Speed of 30’, and in addition gains a + 6 bonus for climbing non-sheer surfaces and a + 4 bonus on climbing sheer surfaces
Low-Light Vision 60’
Berserk Rage: Every 3rd combat (?!?) the Gorilla Psychic Monk can enter into a berserker rage that gives + 2 to hit/damage and + 2 hit points per level.


Little is known of the gorilla psychic monk Kong other than he has strange powers and that he comes from another dimension. And that he likes ray-guns.

Kong, Gorilla Psychic Monk from Dimension X

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