Z-King Tiger (Defeated)

Master Killer, Warlord of the Five Deaths Clan


*King Tiger

N Fighter 6
Init + 7

AC: 17 HP: 60
SAVES Ref + 3 (2) Fort + 6 (4) Will + 3 (2)

ACTION DIE 1d20/1d16
Melee: Fist 1d8, + 3/2d8 + 2
Range: Short bow, 1d6, +1/1d6

STR 16 (+ 2) AGL 14 (+ 1) STA 17 (+ 2) PER 13 (+ 1) INT 6 (-1) LCK 12 (0)

Mighty Deeds
Defensive Fighting
Death Punch (Precision Dmg)

Rings of the Golden Tiger: allow a warrior to strike mighty blows with his fists
+ 1 to hit, 1d8 + 1 damage
Belt of Giant Strength: doubles weapon damage
Bracers of Defense: + 4 armor bonus
The Medallion of Shining Shield: + 2 shield bonus


King Tiger is the Master Killer, Warlord of the Five Deaths Clan, an army of kung fu slaver warrior monks who worship him as the living avatar of Klazath, the god of Death. He controls a sizable territory from his lair on top of a weird hillock. A master of hand-to-hand combat, the King fights with his bare fists and feet and is feared by all those who know him. He rules from the House of Blades, his temple fortress deep in a jungle.

History: The warrior left his life as a young caravan driver and traveled the lands learning the arts of battle. Along the way, he picked up several powerful artifacts, including a set of gold rings, a belt, a set of bracers and a golden medallion.

Tiger infiltrated the Red Keep, pretending to be a novice adventurer. He spent months studying with Kong. When he heard that Destruction was planning on investigating the monks of Whiterock, which was his secret slaver operation, Tiger came along. Ambushing the party in the middle of a fight with the slavers, Tiger was defeated by Destruction and left for dead. However, his body disappeared while the company searched the ruins.

KIng Tiger survived and was returned to his headquarters in the Veil of Mists where he recovers and plans his revenge.

Z-King Tiger (Defeated)

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