Dezz Trekk Shoon the Chieftain

A mighty redheaded warrior, wielder of hammer and shield


Fighter 6
Title: Chieftain
Occupation: Hunter Alignment: Neutral

Base Stats
Str 18 (+ 3) Agl 16 (+ 2) Sta 16 (+ 2) Int 10 Per 10 Lck 10

AC: 17 (Hide Armor + 3, Dex + 1, + 1 Shield + 2; d12 fumble die)
Hit Points: 73
Saves: Ref + 4 (2) Fort + 6 (4) Will + 4 (2)
Move: 25’ / 30’

Melee: “Mourngrummle” (magic returning hammer) + 5/1d8 + 4
range: 60’, 1/round
Berserk + 7/1d8+ 6
Ranged: spear + 1/1d6 + 3

Combat Basics
Initiative + 5
Action Dice: 1d20
Attack d8
Crit Die 1d30/V

Lucky Roll: Warrior’s Arm (crit rolls + 0)
Lucky Weapon: Hammer

Hide of the Cave Bear (acts as chain; can go berserk 1/day, duration: 1d5 rounds + level)
Lion Shield (+ 2 AC, + 2 will saves)
Mourngrummle (+ 1 returning hammer; Empathic; detect giants 120’; Purpose-Slay Giants; On crits vs. giants-Fort Save or DIE—DC Damage total)
Helmet of the Hill Giant Chieftain (Enlarge 1/day)

Signature Deed: “One Into the Other”
3-Roll d16 to slam primary target into 2nd target; damage=1d6
4-Roll d16 + deed die to slam primary target into 2nd target; damage=1d8 + Str
5-Roll d20 + deed died to slam primary target into 2nd target; damage=1d8 + Str + deed
6-Auto hit; damage=1d8 + Str + deed
7+-Auto hit; damage=1d8 + Str + deed; +1d8 damage to primary target
Secondary Deed: “Headsmasher”

tooth of a saber tooth tiger



barbarian hunter who returned to his home in the Broken Lands to find his village destroyed
traveled to the Red Keep to become adventurer
Struck down by a cultist of the Pit God-rolled body: Scar on face
Fell from the mountain of the Bull God-rolled body: slightly hunched back
laid low by the evil magic of H’lisk the serpent mage: missing left eye (eye patch)

Dezz Trekk Shoon the Chieftain

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