Dantalv the Sorcerer

A wizard with a magic pig


Wizard 5
Alignment: Neutral

Base Stat
Str 7 (-1) Agl 11 Sta 8 (-1) Int 16 (+ 2) Per 10 Luck 4 (-3)

Weapon: Staff of Vesuvian, Longsword, Wand of Magic Missile (blue darts) (eaten by staff)
Armor: None

Familiar: Oinker

Spells (+ 5) / Max Level: 3 / # of Spells: 11 (9 + 2 Int)
Level 1
Force Manipulation: skeletal caster, + 2 AC vs. missiles for 1d4 rounds
Flaming Hands: + 2 AC/Will for 1 round, hands turn to bone & lava
Mending: tiny gnomes crawl out of the earth & fix
Find Familiar
Sleep: blue light
Control Tentacle
Comprehend Languages

Level 2
Invisible Companion
Knock: weak caster (d14)

burned off body hair (failure-flaming hands)
orange hands (failure-magic missile)
demon ears (auto-crit using Demon’s Head)



apprenticed to an old warlock in a tower in the hills north of the Red Keep
after a failed summoning, warlock burned down his tower
Dandalf fled to the Red Keep where he met Destruction, Brother John and Lore
learned a terrible spell in the PIt, the use of which has horribly corrupted him; he doesn’t seem to mind.

Savagely bitten by toad gargoyle-La La rolled the body (horrific bite scar on shoulder)

All hair has been burned off by a burning hands spell gone wrong.

The King of Elf Land healed Dandalf of his foul corruptions
Former Corruption
Has no face! (from casting Create Tentacle)
Left arm is a tentacle (from casting Create Tentacle)
Has tentacles instead of hair (from casting Create Tentacle)
Burnt black skin (failed spell casting Flaming Hands)

Dantalv the Sorcerer

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