Warrior 5


Warrior Level 5 (XP: 322/410)
Alignment: Neutral
Occupation: Alchemist

Init: + 8
Attack Die: + d7 + 1 Crit Die/Table: V/1d24 Threat Range: 19-20
Favorite Mighty Deed: Precise Shot, Blinding Shot
Composite Longbow + 4/1d6 + 2
Short Sword + 2/1d6 + 2

HP: 52
AC: 16 (Leather mail + 2, -1 Armor Check, d12 Fumble)
SAVES Ref + 4 Fort + 3 Will + 4

Str 16 (+ 2) Agl 16 (+ 2) Sta 10 Int 11 Pers 14 (+ 1) Lck 14 (+ 1)

Lucky Weapon: longbows (+ 1)
Lucky Sign: The Cobra-Initiative Rolls (+ 1)

Favorite Deed: Precision Shot

composite longbow
quiver + 20 arrows
oil (1 flask)
short sword
Helm of the Hill Giant Chieftain
Viper’s Skin (+ 2 leather armor: 1/day wearer can make an extra attack w/full action die)

Warrior Abilities (Zak’s RCA)
Level 1: + 1 to saves
Level 2: You have learned the Impetuous Immortal Leaping Strike. You leap six feet in the air and for a mere – 2 to hit you can do double damage if you connect. You can’t pull it twice on the same foe (even if you miss) and it’s kinda exhausting and puts you in a bad position, defensively—you cannot attack in the round afterwards.
Level 3: + 1 to hit vs. beastmen
Level 4: Mmmm, I know this beast… In any wilderness environment like that of your native land (Plains) you will know whatever organic life has been there in the last 24 hours including all typical wandering monsters, and you know about anything that’s been there in the last week on a successful roll-under-wis or roll-under-level (whichever is higher) check.
Level 5: + 1 to hit (weapon of choice-bows)


Asefa’s past is a mystery. Her horse died underneath as she road into the gates of the Red Keep. When asked where she came from, she only said, “South.”
She is a deadly archer and a strong swordswoman.

Recently she was attacked in the Red Keep itself by a dark, shadowy spirit.


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