DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

The Mountain of the Bull God: Finally, a Bull God (Days 5-12)

Emerging from the ladder that apparently rises several hundred feet, our heroes find themselves in a guard tower over looking the wilderness. They are attacked by a swarm of bats; Destruction splatters many with his mighty hammer while Kong uses his psychic powers to blow the remaining creatures out the window.
The group find a rickety drawbridge across a massive chasm. The bridge leads to a ruined fortress. Bravely leading the way, Destruction unfortunately falls through the rotted planks down hundreds of feet to the forest below, apparently to his death. His comrades make there way back down through the tunnels. After hours of searching for their leader’s body, they find him . . . miraculously (if barely) alive! Apparently the lucky barbarian had fallen into the river pouring out of the mountain and was washed up on the shores of the lake. The group decides to camp for the night, and Brother Jon calls on the blessings of the trees to heal Destruction. The next morning the group makes it’s way back up to the mountain top fortress.
Avoiding several traps, the group finally confronts the Bull God. The creature, already wounded by its battle with the priestess of Justicia, fell quickly (and surprisingly) before the might of our heroes, with Destruction landing a mighty blow and Dandalf finishing the beast off with blasts of fire.
The company returns to Upper Hook as conquering heroes, and the locals throw a wild feast in celebration.



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