DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

People of the Pit: Up Into the Light


Destruction, Brother John and Dandalf (now most fouly corrupted by the magic of the Pit Beast) lead twelve villagers up out of the pit. Unfortunately, the arduous trek leads to the death of the majority of the poor commoners. The three survivors, Aurik, Zeb, and Clara, pledge themselves to the service of Destruction and Company.
After resting in the now nearly empty village of Hilltop, the adventures, with the body of the poor Lore, head back north. Along the way, they face a mighty band of trog warriors escaped out of the Broken Lands in the west. After defeating the savages, our party finally returns to the Red Keep. Already they begin to plan their next expedition. Fearing the curse of the King of Elfland, Destruction and his allies plan to take the corpse of their fallen comrade back to his homeland in the Elder Wood.



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