DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

People of the Pit: Friends In Low Places


Destruction and friends, still reeling from Dandalf’s horrific mutation, are surprised by reinforcements from Commander Hawk: a simple-minded but ferocious dwarf mushroom farmer named Bumble and a savage halfling from the Broken Lands named Loo Loo Farfoot. Continuing deeper into the pits, they discover a true abomination, the devil toad of Bobugbubilz. After a ferocious battle that left Bumble in an enchanted sleep and Destruction half in the great maw of the toad, our heroes destroyed the foul beast. They then traversed a magic lightning maze before confronting the Yellow Priest of the Pit, who cursed them and left them to battle his minions. Loo Loo barely escaped with her life after being struck down by the priest’s Toan pet. However, our heroes ultimately triumphed. The elf seer Lore used his mystical knowledge to use the magical energies of the pit to travel further down into the depths of the Pit . . . into the Cult’s Workshop.



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