DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

On the Road-Out of the Shudder Mountains (Days 16-17)


Destruction and Company climb up through the Highwind Pass only to run into its guardian, a mighty, ruby-eyed stone giant! When the creature’s demand for gems was refused, a mighty battle took place. After both Brother John and the giant were both brought to death’s very door, the two parties struck a truce, and the company was allowed to pass on unmolested.

Reaching the eastern base of the Shudder Mountains, the group camped on the edges of the Fetid Plain, a great swampy area rumored to inhabited by many evil and terrible beasts. That night, the group was attacked by swamp dead, the animated corpses of those who had perished in the swamps of the Fetid Plain. The dead were defeated, but unbeknownst to our crew, several of its members (Dandalf, La La and Aurik) have contracted zombie fever and will themselves become the walking dead within a week unless cured!!



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