DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Into Castle Whiterock: Level 6-The Black Cave (Year 2: Winter-Month 11 Day 12)

After spending the night in the comfort of the Red Keep, the company returns to Whiterock. They travel down the strange unnaturally smooth tunnel leading down from the troglodytes cave into the foul smelling darkness. Finally, the passageway opens into a cave.
The adventurers feel an oppressive spiritual power pressing down on them, making them feel weak. A familiar bubbling voice whispers in the back of their minds. As Dantalv seeks to dispel the heavy darkness, acidic spittle hits him in the face from out of the blackness. Huge toadfolk lumber out of the dark and attack with clubs.
With them are strange lizards with human faces and bulging eyes, the sight of which attacks the very minds of the heroes.
The spiritual power that weakens the heroes causes Dantalv’s spells to fail. The Treemoot appears deaf to Brother Jon’s entreaties. Even the might Xoon feels his mighty muscles fail. The company retreats back to the troglodyte caves to rest and recuperate.
But the toadfolk, with a toadpriest bearing a might spear, follow them and attack again.
However, outside of the cursed oppressiveness, the company wages mighty battle and fells the toad warriors. Their priest leader disappears during the battle.
Brother Jon realizes that the black cave must be a unholy sanctuary dedicated to the Toad Fiend itself, Bobugbubilz!
Armed with that knowledge, the druid prepares protection magicks to counter the curse of the Black Cave!



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