DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Into Castle Whiterock: Level 4-Benthoc, High Priest of the Red Doom! (Year 2, Month 6, Day 14-15.)


Xoon & Co. seek to bed down and rest so that Dandalv can study Mend from his spellbook to fix the Sorrowsong flute.

while on watch, Xoon hears a fluttering noise and wakes up the party. Dandalv discovers his bag of gold is missing.
They search the cavern and find nothing . . . but Kolash senses something hovering above them.
fireballs don’t work.
detect magic reveals an imp flying above them; Dandalv magic missiles it. Kolash sits on it. BJ heals it.
it wakes up but isn’t cooperative. it does mention the Impressario, a name Dandalv recognizes as the dwarf master of the Bleak Theater in the Dark World. They return the imp to its native plane.
Then they are assaulted by two large dragon skeletons but they make quick work of one and the other runs away.
the company defeats a great number of troglodyte warriors
they discover the living quarters of the female and child trogs and leave them be
They return to the dead warriors; BJ casts Speak With Dead. They discover that the Trog leader is called Benthoc and that he is the Priest of the Red Doom and apparently a bad ass. The dead trog tells them which way to go so they can get their asses kicked.
The party follows directions and finds themselves in a great chamber, marked by a smoking pit, the statue of a dragon, some creepy trog acolytes and some half-dragon abomination that is apparently Benthoc.
Battle insues—
The acolytes turn out to be weird cold trog-wights.
by rocketworm
Dandalv turns several to stone-in the process, he tears the fabric between planes and something old and horrible slithers out and eats a spell from his brain (Levitation). He feels he got off lucky.
BJ turns the trog-wights, destroying one in the process. they flee.
Asefeh feathers Benthoc in the brain with several arrows, slowing him down. He tries to cast Silence, blindness and hold on Dandalv, but the wizard fights off his attempts.
Xoon closes with Benthoc, who covers himself in the red glow of his god. Dandalv fireballs Benthoc, which only heals the abomination. In a fit of rage, Dandalv magic missiles Benthoc into ashes.

_The BG was appropriately terrified of Benthoc, which made the combat fun.
5+ level warriors and mighty deeds are show stoppers.
weird magic makes things fun; I should figure out a way to add weird magic to every combat

I so enjoyed BG rolling planar schism or whatever and losing a spell to an Elder Thingy—I think it is a great balance to all the crap I dole out to him in our adventures. I need to find more ways to take things away . . . I think it builds a healthy attitude of “you get cool stuff and you lose cool stuff” . . . that’s how I want this game world to work. And I’ve always told him, you want something (back)? Just go quest for it.

should be some good loot from this fight: a healing potion which the BG has learned you hang around the cleric’s neck in case of emergency; a wand of Paralysis (not sure what he is going to do with that . . . might allow him to turn it in the spell fodder for Dandalv or let BJ destroy it for XP). Plus some dragonhide armor that would be great for BJ._



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