DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Into Castle Whiterock: Level 4 (Year 2, Month 6, Day 14)

The company moved deeper into the foul-smelling cavern complex. They find an immense chamber arranged like an amphitheater around an ornate magical pipe organ. A voice emanates from the organ, and the company discovers that an ancient elemental spirit has been trapped in the instrument for hundreds of years by an evil elven sorceress. It begs Destruction and his allies to free it and asks them to find the Sorrowsong instruments: the pipe, the harp and the drum. Dandalv produces the charred remains of a pipe the group found in Drugilla’s exploding treasure chest. Realizing that he must use his mending spell to restore the pipe, Dandalv insists the party rest so that he can learn the proper incantations. But before they can bed down, the elemental warns them of a magic “wall” at the rear of the cabin.
Upon investigation, the company discovers the wall is an illusion. Passing through it, our heroes discover themselves in an low-ceilinged, ornately decorated hallway ending in a small iron door bearing a sign in Gnomish. A few minutes later, Xoon had smashed the door down with his magic hammer Mourngrummel.
The company finds themselves in a four way intersection. They follow the passage to the left to find a large work room filled with dusty tools. As they move to investigate, the party is attacked by a small, animated cart. The cart is easiliy dispatched, but the ruckus awakens an alien creature: a xorn! Battle ensues, and the creature appears immune to much of the company’s attacks . . . until Xoon strikes it a mighty blow with his hammer, killing it instantly. The battle does little to lessen the barbarian’s confidence.
Moving back to the intersection, the party heads down the right passage. They find themselves in some sort of dormitory, complete with a common area and individual cells. They are immediately set upon by strange constructs that appear to be a mixture of gnome statue and three-wheeled vehicles. The party triumphs quickly, Xoon with his mighty hammer, Brother John with his divine curses, Asefeh with her bow, and Dandalv with arcane fire. La La is content to watch her friends succeed.
After the fight, the halfling finds a small chute that leads down into darkness. She creeps down and finds a room filled with water. As she moves to exit the chute, six watery forms rise up and move towards her. She wisely returns to her friends above.

*-Dandalv leveled to 6: picked up Runic Alphabet, Mortal and + 2 on saves vs. spells.
-realized that Xoon was already level 7 (?!): picked up Swashbuckler (leave combat w/out incurring attack), Mourngrummel goes to + 2 & thunderclap on crits (Fort Save or dazed w/in 10’)
-if the party frees the elemental, it will offer to help activiate the magic water ring gift from the nixie which is a magical artifact.



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