DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Into Castle Whiterock: Level 4 (Year 2, Month 6, Day 12-14)


The company leaves Castle Whiterock and, traveling the Green Path, magically teleport back to the Red Keep.
Brother John returns to his shrine, but sends Destruction several ravens as a manner to contact him in an emergency.
Dandalv disappears into the Black Spire.
Destruction tends to business at the keep. He orders Aurik to transplant a tree from the forest into the keep as an avenue to the Green Path. He inspects the guard. Zeb has used the horses captured at Whiterock to institute patrols of the road, thus encouraging travel and trade on the Hunter’s Path and the Old Road.
More folks have settled around the fort, including a blacksmith, a tanner, a weaver and a potter. Market days have begun every Saturday, drawing many of the local farmers.
The Red Keep grows rapidly.
That night, Destruction is attacked by assassins sent by the Cult of Bobugbubilz but he defeats them easily by himself. His legend grows among his soldiers.
That day the company sets out to travel back to Silvercliff. Along the way they explore an area of hills off the Old Road and near the pass to the Broken Land. They discover a next of giant, horrific spiders, and they destroy them, thus making the area safe for settlement.
They journey on to Silvercliff and stay at the Inn of the Slumbering Drake. They speak to Lady Chauntessa and play with her little dragon companion.

The next day they travel to Castle Whiterock. Near the site, they are attacked by Cultists of Jubilex. These assassins, covered in foul slime, are quickly defeated. Destruction unwisely tastes the slime and is struck by horrific visions of the Great Slime, its horrific will bent to his destruction. He is nearly struck mad, and Brother Jon has to heal his broken mind.
The company continues to into Whiterock. Traveling down into the depths of the fourth level, they are confronted by a horrific stench that makes Dandalv physically ill. In the first cave, they are attacked by weird octopus spider creatures that spring on them from their perches on the ceiling. The battle ends decisively as Destruction enters a battle rage and slays all the creatures, to the wonder and fear of his comrades.



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