DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Into Castle Whiterock: Level 2 (Year 2, Month 6, Day 8-11)


-completed level 2 after defeating and mentally enthralling Kaernga the Beastman Warlord in a mighty, bloody battle.
-found stairs down to level three
-heard about the White Roc tribe and their leader Drugila (Kaernga’s sister!)
-avoided the natural caves of Level 2 after hearing tales of a ghost!
-returned to Silvercliff and had a huge party that lasted for three days! And destruction spent all his money! And all of the party’s loot from the dungeon delve. It was glorious!
-met with Lady Chauntessa, proprietor of the Sleeping Drake Inn, who rewarded their work with free lodgings at the inn. She also asked the party to keep a lookout for any books in the ruins, and she offers to pay handsomely for them.

Destruction: A True Warrior’s Life. As “Heroic Carousing” (Carousing like Conan! Wine, women, song, and all worldly pleasures are yours, won with coin looted from Skull Mountain. You may trade gold for XPs on a 100 gp to 1 XP basis (maximum 50 XP may be gained this way per month), plus the following. Your brawling, drinking, carousing, and fighting has taught you a bit more about the world and yourself, and made you an even more formidable warrior than before! Gain a +1 to all melee damage rolls.
Brother John: During the party, Brother John won many converts to the worship of the Treemoot. The Treemoot was pleased, and blessed Brother John’s weapon Root!
[In the Service of the Gods. Your time proselytizing and serving with your order in the Bazaar of the Gods/Street of the Gods has strengthened your faith. Gain 5 XP. You may also donate up to 5,000 gp to your order, gaining +1 XP per 100 gp of treasure donated (50 XP max), and 10 XP for each magical item donated. Additionally, your god has deemed you worthy of serving as his/her/its holy avenger, bestowing a measure of divine favor upon your weapon: +2 to hit and damage, Demon Binding, outerplanar creatures hit must make DC 20 Will save or be bound in exact location for 1d4 turns.]
Dandalv: Disgusted by the partying, Dandalv holes up in the Sleeping Drake and pours over his magical tomes and communicates with extra-dimensional entities.
A Magical Breakthrough! Through your arcane researches and experiments, you have made a significant magical breakthrough!: Gain 1 additional spell slot of any level you can currently cast, and pick 1 spell of your choice to immediately learn.
Asefeh: During the party, Asefeh drunkenly insulted a mysterious stranger, who she finds out is a deadly assassin!
[This object of your public insulsts is now a deadly enemy, who will actively try to make your life difficult and, if appropriate, even slay you! Gain 15 XP. The insulted person may be amendable to some form of recompense, however…]
LaLa: Rogue’s Reward. Ah, profit! Through a series of burglaries, cut purses, and various swindles, you have scratched together a bit of gold. Gain 1d10x10 gp, and gain 10 XP.

Holy smokes, but the BM rolled well on his carousing checks first time out of the gate. He rolled a 28+ on a d30 for all three mains! These tables are super fun and serve for great fodder for in game developments and storytelling.
Lotus Stare is stupid powerful for a 2nd level spell, or feels that way to me. The BM nerfed all three of the main big bads of Level 2 with that thing.



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