DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Into Castle Whiterock: Level 2 (Year 2, Month 6, Day 8)


The adventurers faced a beastman champion bearing a whip and a greatsword but they made quick work of the foe.Beast_Man.jpg

Destruction and company then found a secret area in the dungeon. Inside this complex, La La scouted ahead and sees a dark clad, gray-skinned dwarf writing in a journal.

When the company returned to the room in force, this being had disappeared. They traveled further into the complex and discovered an ogre operating some sort of lift. When they moved to attack, the dark clad dwarf appeared as if by magic. The battle had barely begun when Brother Jon ensnared the minds of these two mighty foes, rendering them his zombie-like slaves.
The company avoided the elevator and returned to the mining caverns with their new minions. They attacked the beastmen overseers and a mighty conflict ensued, during which both Destruction and Kolash were brought low and then revived by the healing power of Brother Jon. Finally, as the tide had clearly turned, two beastmen fled deeper into the caverns.
Destruction freed the last of the slaves and sent them to the surface camp.


Some GM comments:
-I keep forgetting to give the BG his bonus vs. giants . . . all of the “beastmen” on the second level are descended from giants, and he fought an ogre (which was essentially a DCC hill giant). Now, he hasn’t needed it, but still… it’s great flavor and it builds to the climactic encounter on the third level with the big boss lady
-the BG waded through my bosses; the only “tough” fight was a wave of “beastmen” (orcs) that I boosted a bit. There were ten, and just the pure numbers, each with 42-ish hitpoints, just soaked damage while chipping away at the party. It’s a valuable lesson . . . if I want my bosses to stick around long enough to be “fun”, I need mooks. On the other hand, I could overwhelm the party if I’m not careful.
-Also the BG is tearing ass through the dungeon and I’m getting caught up in his pace; this is leading me to forget to “point out” the plot stuff, like in the duergar’s “office”.
-I need to do a better job of describing the monsters…


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