DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Into Castle Whiterock: Level 1 and 2 (Year 2, Month 6, Day 3-7


As more and more commonfolk settle around the Red Keep, the company hears many rumors. Some tell stories of the ghostly Night Boats, black longships that float upon sorcerous fog, manned by tall, gaunt warriors with ghostly weapons. Others tell stories of missing neighbors and family members. A few have even escaped attacks by black clad warriors bearing a chain tattoo who seek to capture and enslave. Finally, a story circulated about a group of monks excavating an old ruin near Silvercliff called Castle Whiterock. Destruction and his allies set out to make contact with the monks in the ruins. Kid Tiger, the company’s young protege, asks to come along.
After several days travel, the adventurers arrive at Silvercliff and receive a hero’s welcome. The city council holds a feast in their honor, and Destruction and company are pleased to hear of the silver pouring into the Red Keep’s coffers.
The next morning, the party travels to the ruins of the ancient Castle Whiterock, which sits next to a lake in an extinct volcano. They approach the keep and are met by monks, who take them to some tents erected in the ruins to await their master, Ikvenvar. But it was all a trap, and they are set upon by villainous slavers. Worse, Kid Tiger himself reveals himself to be a member of this terrible group and attacks his former allies. Destruction lays the young man low, Dandalf’s magicks turn Ikenvar to stone, and several of the warrior monks are killed.
The company explores the ruins, flushing out another monk, this one a short, fat man who flees at an incredible speed. Ultimately, the adventurers uncover stairs that descend to a complex beneath the castle. There they confront and defeat a group of armed albino beast men and their minotaur ally. Later they find a number of enslaved humanoids, whom they free.



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