DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Exploring the Wilderness (Year 2: Winter-Month 11 Day 4-6)


The company stays in the hunters camp for the night. The snows begin to fall before sun up, and Xoon and his allies buy appropriate weather gear from the now friendly hunters.
The group heads east in the morning, following the smoke of a chimney. They come upon a quite clearing and find a small hut. There they meet the legendary warrior Ashoka. Xoon and Asefa ask to be trained, but Ashoka claims he is interested in only pursuing peace. After much discussion, the old warrior agrees that if either Xoon or Asefa can touch him before he strikes them in combat, he will agree to train that person.
In the first combat, Xoon is stunned at how fast the old man moves, and the fight is quickly over. However, Asefah turns the tables on Ashoka, who finds himself lying flat on his back. Stunned, the warrior agrees to honor the challenge and train Asefah. She stays behind as the others return via the Green Way to the keep.
The next day, Xoon and his now smaller company heads north. They are attacked by a giant swarm of wasps. but Dantalv’s fire meteors make short work of the insects.



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