DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

The Great Labors-The Croaking Fane: Minions of "the Mistress" (Day 22)


As the group rests and Brother John heals the bloody mage, their barbarian leader hears whispering in the darkness back the way they came. When they investigate, they discover a group of satyrs setting up an ambush. A battle ensues and the party makes quick work of the savage goatmen. No sooner have they cleaned their weapons than a voice calls them outside.
There they find a giant, bent-back, green form who tells them that “the Mistress” wants them dead. Another lurking troll pounces from above, and Destruction and Company find themselves in a terrible battle. Both the barbarian and Zeb are struck down, but Brother John’s healing saves both men from death. Only the fiery spells of the battered Dandalf save the group, burning the trolls down. All feel lucky to escape the encounter alive. Who is the “Mistress”?

[OOC: Playing with my eldest while out of town. I brought everything we needed . . . except for the module “The Croaking Fane.” I scrambled and created this encounter to “pause” the adventure. Holy *(&% DCC trolls are nasty. Now I’ve got to figure out who “the Mistress” is . . . ]



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