DCCZ: Defenders of the Red Keep

Building a Kingdom: The Demon's Head (Year 2, Month 3, Day 27-Month 4, Day 10)


For several weeks, Dandalf is haunted by a voice calling out for help in his head. Finally Dandalf traces the source of the message to underneath the Red Keep itself. The company answers the call of adventure and, with some excavation, finds a great door marked by magical glyphs deep under the fort. Opening the door summons a celestial guardian that attacks the party. After overcoming this challenge, Destruction and his allies tear through a subterranean complex filled with celestial beings, all of whom fall to our “heroes.” Finally, the group confronts an old man sitting in a room in front of a locked door.
The old man claims to be a mighty warrior placed here a thousand years ago to guard the remains of a powerful devil. He pleads with the group to leave; meanwhile, Dandalf is assaulted by the voice in his head calling the old man and a liar and promising the wizard great powerful in return for its freedom. The company hesitates, torn by indecision. Finally, convinced that he cannot persuade them to leave, the old man transforms into a shining paladin and attacks. After a terrible battle, the party defeats the old man, who with his last words pleads once more for them to leave.
Dandalf opens the door and enters, finding a giant skull half submerged in a great stone. After placing his hands on the skull, Dandalf fights a mighty battle of egos with the evil spirit, ultimately bending the devil ghost to his will. Once more Dandalf is faced with a choice: maintain his grip on the spirit and keep it as a slave or destroy it once and for all. Fearing the creature’s power, Dandalf shatters the ghost.
Now the wizard finds himself the master of the Demon’s Head, a mighty relic that can embue his spells with great power.



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